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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 16, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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>> ask is garbage truck crashing through enter take it barrier landing on cars below. the crash happening right in a miami park. >> miraculously the driver surviving 100 foot fall. 27 team 7 coverage ahead. >> teens ambushed and shot. one killed. but it would take hours before his body would be found. >> former president stumpping for his wife in south florida. as another former commander in chief stumps for his brother in south carolina. and we continue to follow breaking news out of miami where the lifeless bodies two women were discovered
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night team is live on the scene 7 news continues at 11:00 >> let's get right back out to that news alert. >> as we mention two women found dead in a miami apartmentfound dead in a miami apartment. deteives are there still trying to sort out what exactly happened here. liz is live with the latest on their investigation liz. >>reportrt: crime scene investigators from the miami police department are out here trying tfigure out exactly what happened that led them to finding two women dead in the back of an apartment. we are at 75 street and northeast miami court that police told us they received phone calls and 911 phone calls about 7:15 this evening indicating there were gunshots fired. now we understand there were several gunshots fired. how many and what led up to that they are still not sure. they are likely to be out here for hours piecing all of that together and we spoke with
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victims they a picture we received from family members this i ithe woman found dead inside the apartment there still unsure who the other woman physician it was perhaps a friend of hers family members rushed to the scene what happened and what information they could get from investigators. we spoke with the sister of that woman just a little while ago. >> i got a phone call saying something happened to my sister so we just, you know, we obviously immediately came e see if we could find out what's going on. they won't let us back there. but i know she's the only one who lived there. >>reporter: now police will not even tell us what happened. how the women died if they were shot. if there was some sort of blunt force trauma involved. investigators said they are likely to be out here for hours. they said they are looking for suspect and for more information but not given us any sort of description that we can pass on to you but again if you may know anything about the situation that could be helpful
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abouou 7:15 this evening. 75 street and nororea miami court in the city of miami. that's what we know right now we are livivin miami tonight, 7 news night team. >> frightening free fall off the interstate. >> felt like slow motion. >> team 7 coverage after truck driver goes over the edge. >> he was thrown from the truck as debris went flying. >> impact raping hole in the roof of a building and damaging other vehicles. alex begins our team 7 coveragealex begins our team 7 coverage. he's live at jose martin park in miami alex. >>reporter: well, that garbage truck plunge at least 100 feet from i-95 here into jose martin park. torts say it really was a miracle that no one here on the ground was injured. tonight crews remain here inveveigating the tow truck called in.
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hospitalized. in pieces the g gbage truck sits under the glow of the lights at martin park imiami where it landed after plungewhere it landed after plunging off i-95 monday evening. it happened as the driver was traveling south on the i near the south west 7th street exit. >> breakthrough the railing and it was surprisingly loud. >>reporter: he and his friends had just finished playing basketball at the park. the sound of the truck breaking through the concrete barrier immediately drew their taichblingts to see the truck falling mid-air and felt like it was slow motion. felt like 5 seconds to actually hit the floor. >> when you hear lightning fall on dry land. kind of heard like that. an explosion. reporter: 100 foot fall the truck landed on several vehicles. the cab broke apart from the section of the from you can that contains the garbage. sending a plume of smoke across the area. >> punched a hole in the roof too. >>reporter: pieces of falling concrete pierce the roof of the pool building.
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as smith survived. >> firefighters along with police scoured the area and the trash from the truck to make sure we had no other victims. >>reporter: nobody else injured. good news especially because schools were closed for president's day and the park was filled with children. >> you know thank god there weren't any kids playing and got hurt at the end of the driver very lucky guy. >>reporter: driver is lucky but the question now for the florida highway patrol is what caused him to plunge off the highway the. >> tonight smith remains hospitalized at jackson morial hospital where he is in serious condition. once he is releaseded that is when investigators will begin to talk to m. live in miami tonight, 7 news night team sni coverage continue was danielle at jackson memorial hospital where the truck driver is being treated. danielle? >> smith does remain here in
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now she saw compelling video of what happened on i-95 near also havana and our piece you will pictures. also hear r om witness whose saw the whole thing as it unfolded. the picture is worth 1,000 words these 7 might leave you speechless. fall. this one shows the aftermath of the fall and fire. this one a close-up of the destroyed garge truck, the cab separated from the back end.these two of a truck hit on its 100 foot drop. this one showing scattered car parts and fire rescue on the scene. and this one a close-up of the cab from which the driver was ejected. >> i heard like a big big noise and i saw garbage truck actually falling from the i-95. >>reporter: he was walking in the area when he saw the truck breakthrough the guard rail. >> packet on the i nichl when
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on the roof of the house that is right next there and the then the tilted and fell on the floor. where the driver was ejected from the truck. there was the driver on the ground. it was still moving but in pretty bad shape. >>reporter: 14-year-old jack and his friends had just finished a basketball game. >> we see the far ban truck falling down and i'm like my god we seat map on the floor laying down. i thought he was dead. >>reporter: wn you see how high the fall was it's a wonder he survived and no one on the ground was hurt. >> it gives you chills when you her and see that. we got lucky enough it was that bridge and n/t the one in front basketball courts. >>reporter: backt the hospital monday evening friends family gather at prayer circle. praying that smith recovers. >> currently eights stands he's in icu as far as we know and our thoughts and prayers are with the family that he make a
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>>reporter: and he went on to say that smith always full and speedy recovery is everybody' first priority. live at jmh in miami, 7 news night team. new case of mosquitos born zika in south florida. fourth patient diagnosed with the virus news broward county. that brings a total to 21 state wide. miami-dade has seen 7 cases t.8 county across the state have reported people with zeke a.all of them contracted it while over seas. the state set autopsy hotline that is staffed 24 hours a day to answer questions and concerns here's the mum on the screen. the number is also on our web site at >> live look at the magic city from our 7 news studio here
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on tap showers lasting through tomorrow. >> phil is live in the weather center with this phil. >> we are in the middle of muggy mess in south florida. there is possibility of overnight rain. moisture moving in. could see isolated thunderstormcould see isolated thunderstorm. tomorrow still a chance for some rainfall and even somethunderstorm activity will be keeping our eye on that overnight andhat a night for the south east. plenty of tornadoes there. as far as the rainfall right now moisture still offshore may take some time to move in here across south florida. now the reason for the tornado activity across the south east. high pressure across the western atlantic and pumping in a lot of warm moist air running into cold dry air. 18 tornadoes reported betwtwn louisiana and alabama. the talnld of that will swing through south florida during
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in our forecast a little bit later on. >> former president clinton insouth florida campaigning for his wife t.candidate oboth side continue to quarrel on the campaign trail. jeff has t t latest on the race for the white house. >>reporter: president clinton on the move in south florida wrapping up a fundraiser at art gallery in win wood neighborhood. mr. clinton spent monday stumpping and fundraising for hillary clinton. hilary backing out of the events last week. >> hilary is running to restore the american dream to all amejicans. to restore broad bates prosperity and take it into the fufure. >>reporter: former secretary of state choosing instead to campaign out west inevada ahead of saturday caucus. clinton talking about universal health care on the stump mondayhealth care on the stump monday. >> affordable health care is in many ways the under pinning of
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without health, without access to quality care the there's a lot of sivshtion senator bernie sanders in michigan. according to uaw struggling to pick a candidate to endorse. the on the g.o.p. side former president bush trying to give his brother a boost ahead of the south carolina primary this weekend. >> please welcome a serious and thoughtful candidate. a good man. a man i am proud to call my big little brother. jeb bush. >>reporter: donald trump continued his attacks on jeb bush and family in charleston. >> the worst attack ever in this country it was during his the presidency. >>reporter: senator rubio lking about the recent opening on the nation high court. after the death of justice anthony ska lee 8. next president should nominate the opening. i believe i'll be the next president. >>reporter: cruz responding to
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>> rubio and trump both have the very same patternboth have the very same pattern. whenever any one point out their record the they simply start screaming liar liar liar. >>reporter: ohio governor kasich stayed well away from the south carolina slug fest speaking at a rally in michigan. >> i don't like anything big. i don't like big labor. g business. big government. >>reporter: very big weekend in the race for the white house. republicans had their primary in south carolina on saturday. democrats with the caulk news nevada. reporting at miami, 7 news night team. at the time uversity of miami community is mourning the loss of a former leader tonightloss of a former leader tonight. school says former president footied today. foot led the university for 20 years stepping down 2001 when he was replaced by the the the don a.over the course of the 10 you're your foot was creditd with recruiting top faculty and improving the school financial picture. cause of death not yet disclosed.
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>> still ahead at 11:00. two teens shot one rushed to the hospital but another did
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and his body wasn't found . we haze this news alert from the world of sports. specifically the heat and chris bosch. >> donovan has more inrmation. he's in the news plex to tell us what this is about. >>reporter: this is not g gd news if you are a miami heat fan especially cross bosch fan. reports he may be suffering more than just a strain in the right calf. he did withdraw from the nba all star festivities over the weekend and this may be y.according to multiple reports the miami heat were concerned that on monday about another pontially serious health situation involving all star foroard chris bosch. bosch missed sunday all star game with the strained calf and returned to miami for additional test. then a person in touch with the heat front office said you know the p pblem may have been worse the beyond merely the calf strain.%
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was not at risk. asked directly if was diagnosed with blood clot in the calf agent thomas responded by ticket too soon for all of thatticket too soon for all of that. too soon to report that. that's the latest regarding chris bosch hopefully everything is just all right and just a strained calf reporting live in the plex, 7 news night team. teens shot. one killed. >> the nobody helped. >> his body unnotited for hours>> his body unnoticed for hours. >> t tonight families december president for answers. after the loved ones e suddenly shot.>> they were targeted and ran for their lives but one falls victim to teen tragedy. >> robin talked to the distraught families. >> knew everything. before they would confirm item him. >>reporter: family says tip on social media the first clue
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hours before miami-dade police confirm he was shot to death. his grandmother and aunt 1 democrats and republicans how first responder missed his bodyfirst responder missed dis body. his bod discovered sunday afternoon few block from the shooting scene and called 911. >> we figure if they was called should have come cover the area to find out what wass going open. >>reporter: happened north west 73 street and 19th avenue where th 16-year-old and three friend were walking along the train tracks when the bulletet flew those who could scattered to safety. foul's mother says he wasen incredibly lucky a stranger answerer his cry for help. >> the wanted help but nobody wanted to help them. so whoevererhe lady is that made the phone call for my son and called m thank you so muchand called me thank you so much. thank you because without y y he probably won't be here. >>reporter: shot in the back the 15-year-old made it to the hospital and survived emergency surgery. pastorric red begging for the violence to end. >> listen.
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thinks personal for me. and it needs to stop. pick up the phone. if you saw something pick up the phone. it's there today but it can be your day tomorrow. this is the this has to stoyrngs as for the teen killed, stoyrngs as for the teen killed, was a student at stellar leadership academy charter school. his family says they are desperate for answers. >> we just want them to stop the shooting. stuff that going on. taking out these young children like they can't grow up as young man now. just the take their life away sorry, again one teenager was critical injuries. the other killed. day after valentine's day they are now planning for a funeral. crime stoppers is the number to call if you have any informationor investigators. this is the number on the screen. you can r rain anonymous. reporting in north west miami-dade, robin simmons 7 news night team. coming up. phil is back and he's got word of more rain on the way. >>reporter: yes.
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sitting across louisiana, sitting across louisiana, mississippi, alabama. a lot of heavy rain there. there's the possibility of some mortar canadian. already at least 18 have struck the area. possible flooding. this is a system that stretches all the way into e middle atlantic states and northeast.
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complete is 74 in miami. wind out of the south east at around 12 miles per hour. meanwhile for new f ft lauderdale the relative humidity at 82 perce. 74 more clouds for you and even the keys tonight under cloudy skies. 74 degrees. checkut the humidity. 91 percent. so here's the stormtracker. plenty of heavy rain. justest of sarasota and tampa. that is the leading edge of a
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causing a lot of nasty weather tonight across the south east. now this is what our in-house model is showing. if the front does not slow down or speed up any, if it stays the speed it is moving right now, we may see some showers and thunderstorms at 5:00 o'clock in the morning along the coast. then it will continue to head in our drechblingts it looks like by around 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon should be sitting right across lake okeechobee then at 8:00 p.m. a little bit later than that the front should move away and everything sets up for a nice wednesday as high pressure builds in behind the front as it mos away. so here's the marine forecast. no advisory. wind out of the south west biscayne bay light chop still pretty wiped across the coastal water of the keys and keeping small craft advisory in effect for a few more showers. west.
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coastal water a moderate chop. next high tide at 4:12. 6:27 for the lower keys. water temperature 68 degrees. tonight partly to mostly cloudy skies. still a chance for shower maybe even stray thunderstorm at least the ingredients are there. overght low in the upper 60's to the low 70's t.what is typical is about 62, 63 degreestypicais about 62, 63 degrees. average high about 76, 77 degrees around there we are warm tomorrow. better chance of some's your extended outlook. looking nice on wednesday. thursday morning waking up to 59 degrees.
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7 sports i . >> hopefully not too serious but according to multiple sources miami heat concerned about another pontially serious health situation
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bosch did not patients pay the in any of the all star activity this weekend and are tourns miami for additional test. bosch agent thomas was asked by tebingt message if he was tingd with potential blood clot which side lined around this time last year. thomas responded by too soon for all of that. too soon to report that. hopefully everything is okay. deadline on thursday with the miami heat extinguish themselves of white side. incorporating to the new york daily news the heat talking about the houston rockets about a center exchange where the heat ship white side to houston for dwight howard. miami would have to include vet run salary to make it work. which is why there's also talk about there'd team being involved in a potential trade. >> panthers celebrating the 44th birthday here mopped night taking on the pit burg ping wing against former team. no score the first period.
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getshe puck back. i scores the goal. panthers up one nothing. same score in the third. 3 minutes to go in the game. ththpenguin win the draw and equalizer this one goes for shoot out tied at 1 in the fifth round of the shoot out. uc with the pretty shot past mark for the goal. pittsburgh with a chance to extend the shoot out but montoya a hugeave on collins. 31 savesth panthers win in a shot out and now 5 point ahead in the division. that from a look atports. now back to you. >> thanks donovan. >> that's a wrap for 7 news at 11:00. ciao ciao. >> thanks for starting the week with us. join us again tomorrow and have
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